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Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden

Antirrhinum Twilight Mixed

Antirrhinum Twilight Mixed

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This is a very attractive antirrhinum with dark green foliage and a mixture of pretty rose, pink, purple and yellow coloured flowers

These are small plants (grow to around 35cm in height) and so are perfect for containers and at the front of borders 

Seed Quantity: 500 Seeds

Type: Annual

Genus: Antirrhinum majus

Sow Seeds: Sow seeds February–March on the surface of a lightly compressed, moist seed compost in containers. Maintain a temperature range of 20–25 °C. Avoid blocking light during germination, which usually takes 10–21 days.

Plant Out: Transplant seedlings into individual pots or trays when they are large enough. Slowly introduce young plants to the outdoors over a few weeks before relocating them at a 30-cm distance in rich soil and full sunlight.

Flowers June-September

Height and Spread: 35cm high x 30cm spread

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