Electric Wheelbarrow & Utility Cart

Electric Wheelbarrow & Utility Cart

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This Wheelbarrow is an All-Electric DC 24V .25 eHP 180W Working Load Capacity of 330 lbs (150kgs) at a Max 12 Upward Slope; Max and 4 cubic feet of Cubage to load/haul debris; All-Terrain 13" inch Pneumatic Wheels/Inflation Pressure 30/31PSI. PERFORMANCE - Speeds (Variable); Forward 0-5km/h (3.1MPH); Reverse 0-3.5km/h (2.2MPH); 2-5 hours of use per full battery charge (varies on load/slope); ECO-FRIENDLY (Green and Safe) Unlike gasoline devices . battery-powered produce no smog and are quieter.

Power source - all electric 24v brushless motor system . we used (2) 12v 7ah rechargeable deep cycle non-spillable sealed lead acid batteries . totaling to 24v max series connection system providing 168wh (watt hours) of use. Efficient design - deep cycle technology provides: fast charge times . spill-proof design . better in the cold . high power output and low internal/vibration resistance.

SAFE and PROPER USE - Always operate with eye and hand protection . utilize the speed controls and shut off/starter switch as needed; Widely used in gardens . yards and construction sites etc.

  • Voltage: 24V
  • Weight: 83 lbs
- SKU: ZX9TGBE1240
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